Play; Share; Be the Office Hero

The Go Game Office is about cultivating a vibrant corporate culture. Designed for companies big and small, The Go Game Office brings gaming into the office with highly entertaining bite-sized games. The game is loaded with weekly missions that are designed to foster creativity, encourage collaboration and be downright awesomely entertaining. Sign up for a free trial!.

Collaborative Fun! Byte-sized weekly missions! Secure for your office! Real Prizes!


Photo of James Cochran
”The Go Game is a team-building dream team. This inventive and collaborative organization can flip a company's mood from taciturn to playful in a matter of hours..“
Kendall Jackson Wines
Photo of Jasmine Daytona-Smythe
“The best team-building activity any of us had ever done. We laughed, we cried (from laughing too hard), and we got to know each other better.”
Eli Lilly